12 year-old Boy Scout Interview Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette

Aiden, a 12-year-old Boy Scout working toward his Communications Badge, interviewed Jeffrey about public service and running for office. Here’s the interview:

Aiden: How do you feel running against career politicians when you aren’t one?

Mr. Sossa-Paquette: I may not be a career politician, but I’ve always been an American, and after years of watching our politicians fail the American citizens and create two generations of American citizens doing worse than the ones before, I felt it was my duty to run.  We need new politicians to restore the American dream for future generations.

Aiden: How do you feel about running as an openly gay Republican?

Mr. Sossa-Paquette: For too long the Democratic Party has stolen the talking points for the LGBT community and turned it into identity politics, and tried to turn the LGBT community into victims of the religious right.  I feel concerned, just as any heterosexual would.  The LGBT community, and myself, want the same things anyone wants…good schools, safe communities, a balanced budget, and smaller government.  Therefore, running as an openly gay candidate, I’m hoping to show that we are not communities to be divided, but Americans trying to attain the same goals.

Aiden: If you are elected, are there any big changes you want to make?

Mr. Sossa-Paquette: Yes.  I would like to restore community civics, rebuilding local communities and safety nets by providing legislation that removes government and puts forth that big business and the wealthiest among us must pass down five percent of their taxable earnings directly to the state and local level.  This will begin to rebuild local communities, keep more small business’ doors open, and instill pride within the communities that they rebuilt from the bottom up without the interference of the government.

Aiden: What would you tell a kid like me who is interested in politics to keep me interested?

Mr. Sossa-Paquette? Learn what civil service means to your local community.  Remove your personal emotions, and look at what is good for all around you.  If you can do that, you could be the next Abraham Lincoln.  His policies lasted for 130 years.

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