My Announcement Speech

I’m running for Congress for one simple reason: I want to make things better. I’ve spent the last decade watching hard working families struggle from paycheck to paycheck, small business owners’ profits shrinking year after year. I’ve been the pizza shop owner working 20 hour days to simply keep their doors open to serve Friday night pizza parties. Every day, I watch single moms be trapped in welfare programs that will never let them out or give them an ability to rise to self-sufficiency and the dignity that comes with it.

I see an opioid crisis killing tens of thousands of American citizens while our federal government turns a blind eye.  I see the world becoming more and more dangerous with terrorism and national leaders killing millions of their citizens while displacing millions more. I’ve watched our government not properly fund our military to ensure that America remain the world’s most powerful force for freedom and good. We must have a military that is unmatched in technology and strength, and I will fight to ensure that every American who is sent to war has proper equipment and funding. Our troops should be allowed to go into battle to win and return home.  They shouldn’t be asked to engage in nation building or to try to force other nations into America’s image. Our military is to ensure the safety and security of our homeland and the protection of America’s allies.

Our veterans and Gold Star families deserve nothing less than the best medical care possible. They deserve all the support we can provide to help them re-enter the workforce.  Care for those who serve isn’t negotiable.  And federal employees who do not perform their jobs and fail our veterans must be held accountable. These families made a commitment to us, and in some cases paid the ultimate price with their lives. All Americans must stand proudly, regardless of party, shoulder to shoulder with the veterans and military families and Goldstar families and most importantly demonstrate to our veterans that America could not be prouder.

I’m running for Congress for I can no longer tolerate the harmful and spiteful rhetoric coming from the Democratic Party. Identity politics is creating a culture that causes too many to be placed in buckets and see themselves as victims. We must restore basic civics to our classrooms and teach our youth and new immigrant population what it means to be an American. What are our values and what makes us the greatest country in the world.

For too long, the Democratic Party has told too many that they are victims, while hiding the truth that it is their very policies that trap generations. All the Democratic Party does is give people someone else to blame. I’m here to help stop that and give voice to another way. The Republican Party must stand up and demonstrate to all Americans that we are one nation, not a collection of minorities.

We hear a lot from the left about multi-culturalism.  I have news for them.  America has always been multicultural, with some simple principles that bind us together. We must restore basic civics to our classrooms to be sure future generations don’t lose sight of those principles.

I’m running for Congress to ensure our seniors that their Social Security and Medicare benefits aren’t going anywhere. While Democrats scare our seniors, I want to go to Washington with a commitment to strengthen the systems that represent a solemn commitment to older Americans.

I’m running for Congress to give our children back the American dream that the politicians in Washington have stolen. Your kids and mine are saddled with over 20 trillion in debt before they even start their working lives. As Americans, we must all stand united against politicians that no longer work for us, but instead work for special interests -- and themselves. Our children deserve the same opportunity to succeed, and fail, that has made America great. I want to do my part to make that happen.

It isn't complicated. Government spends too much because it does too much. Smaller government will give us smaller debt, less regulation and more freedom.

America is the greatest country in the world. I’m running for every American whether a single mom, black, Latino, Muslim, a new immigrant, gay, transgendered, an addict, a veteran, or just a family going about their daily lives. I’m not running for a political party or special interest. I believe America’s finest days are still in front of her. But we must reclaim our government and force our politicians to be accountable to their employers. Us. We will see America shine again. I thank you all, and God bless you all.

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